About Us


What we do

  Increase awareness and facilitate behavior modification so individuals and groups play well together in ways that improve their lives and fortunes 

The principals and affiliates of Strategic Positioning, Inc. bring broad successful business experience, an intense curiosity, exceptional tools, and a passion to serve to every engagement. Our programs are unique to the client situation and are relationships rather than events. We focus on creating a healthy organization through behavioral awareness and change.   

What we believe in

  • Personal engagement: We engage personally with each client to solve their unique problems within their own styles and culture
  • Telling the truth: With love in all situations
  • Doing excellent work: Adequate or good enough, ISN’T!   

How we help you succeed

  • Individual Awareness
  • Partner Awareness
  • Group Awareness
  • Cohesive Team Development
  • Organizational Health
  • Organizational Success 

Strategic Positioning, Inc. is registered with the State of Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) and is a Texas Corporation. 

The Principals and affiliates of Strategic Positioning, Inc are Certified Birkman Consultants