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Genia Logan Blanchard, President 

Genia has spent the last 35 years developing individual and collective leaders to maximize their performance. In this time the business landscape has changed with multiple age cohorts in business together, different values driving corporate performance and new forms of personal interaction being introduced and adopted at an amazing rate. In order to continue to serve her clients and satisfy her curiosity, she has spent the last ten years actively observing and studying the changes in individual and collective behavior these demographic changes are creating.   From this work she has developed strong insights into the motivation of the different generations and how they can work more effectively together. Recognizing the struggle within companies as the generations begin to converge, she has developed, using the Birkman Method, ways to facilitate deeper understanding and better results. Her focus is creating bridges between different cultures and generations to work toward “healthy organizations”.   Genia's business experience is broad and deep. She trained Native Americans, ran a small manufacturing plant, edited architectural magazines, and coached CEOs. She has worked in multiple countries and cultures and with all age leaders and teams. Her consulting clients range from Fortune 50 to start ups. This experience has given her the opportunity to be personally involved in every facet of leading and operating a business, including marketing, advertising, administration and production. From these experiences, Genia has developed an innate sense of the how to grow and develop leaders in today’s complex business environment. Genia taught Professional Practices in the design school at UCLA. Her programs on Leadership Team Development have been used by both for profit and non-profit organizations.   Genia lives in Austin, Texas with her partner and husband Jim where she is active in civic, church and school activities. 

Jim Blanchard, Principal

Jim Blanchard, Principal

For more than 45 years, Jim Blanchard has been leading, developing and teaching marketing and sales strategies in many different industries. Assessing client needs with a strong business background allows him to solve problems and to facilitate effective solutions and efficient opportunities at all levels of leadership for both or both small and large organizations. As Senior Vice President of Marketing for Prudential Asset Management, a large company of 19 affiliates, he developed profitable entrepreneurial marketing, sales, and new product introductions while doing development work for companies operating in Japan, Australia and Europe. Between 2000 and 2003, Jim obtained commitments for $500 million for a real estate investment management firm. Jim has conducted training for global money managers, sales teams and their manager, and board strategy meetings to facilitate the introduction of new institutional products for Fortune 500 businesses, including 3M, Xerox, and Prudential. Jim is certified as a Birkman consultant and as a facilitator of "Customer Oriented Selling" from Vital Learning. 


Laura Sue Johnson

Laura Sue spent 34 years in corporate software in Sales, Technical Sales, Delivery Services and Mergers & Acquisitions. During this time she helped 11 software companies adapt to cultural and procedural changes after being acquired by IBM. This experience led to a keen interest in building productive teams from disparate backgrounds. Currently, Laura Sue focuses on using the Birkman Method to help individuals transition – from High School to College, College to Career and perhaps one of the most difficult transitions from Career to Purpose. 

Mary Lynn Patton, Ed.D.
Dr. Mary Lynn Patton is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and comes from a wide background of teaching, counseling, and consulting. Known for her resourcefulness (she used her pilot's license to cover the geographical South Texas Regional Service Center), she added the Birkman Method to assist in problem solving and prevention in any organizational setting. She shifted her focus to training key people in learning skills for personal mastery, co-facilitating Birkman training in South Carolina and teaching Woman's Studies at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen.Mary Lynn is bilingual in Spanish and multicultural in life style. She ran an organic farm in Mexico and serves as the CEO of the Sol Y Sombra Foundation for water conservation. In 1996 she co-facilitated an international workshop for executive women leaders in Cuernavaca, Mexico called La Que Sabe (She Who Knows) focused on authenticity in business.Mary Lynn's present passion is the "Boys to Men Mentoring Program" started seven years ago in San Diego for teaching young men how to name their feelings, claim (accept and understand) their feelings, and tame (manage) their emotions. This groundbreaking work in emotional intelligence is results-based with measurement using the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory.In November 2005, Mary Lynn moved to Mexico City where she maintains an affiliation with Strategic Positioning, Inc.

John Goodwin
John is a highly relational and market-oriented consultant, and as an executive, consultant and venture investor, he has substantial and broadly-based domestic and international business experience, frequently tapping his wide range of contacts in the US, Canada, Western Europe and India.

John developed his capabilities with major public companies such as Dunlop, Alcan and MacMillan Bloedel--he was the "trouble-shooter" for the COO--and later in early stage enterprises, particularly technology.

John was educated at the University of British Columbia, UCLA (The Anderson School) and the LSE (London School of Economics).

Jim Bankhead